Monday, January 14, 2019

Heading to Dubuque

 Before heading to Dubuque for Christmas festivities, we took Widge to the vet for a checkup. I tried to trick her into getting into the carrier, but she was onto me and my tricks. I ended up grabbing her in a towel and tossing her in, and she meowed angrily at me for the whole car ride.

During the visit she sat stoically while she was poked and prodded, occasionally giving me a death glare.

She had gained 3 lbs since her last visit, and the vet said she definitely needs to be on a diet. Steve decided to start her on one after Christmas... 

We drove up to Dubuque and the first stop was Alex's new pad:

He has a really nice new home, and agreed to let Revy crash there while we were visiting. Revy is not good with kids, so we knew we needed to keep him away from the little ones. Plus, Raiden is stressed enough with his life these days without adding Revy in the mix! That was super nice of Alex, and Revy told us he had a great time. ;)

This was THE ONLY picture I took of Alex's house and I am so annoyed. The inside is great, the yard is awesome, and I took Revy on walks around the neighborhood and there are some great views from the bluffs over Dubuque. Picture goals for next Dubuque visit!

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