Sunday, September 23, 2018

No A/C

Last week our air conditioner died. It died earlier this summer, was repaired, and completely died. The temperatures averaged 90 degrees, so it wasn't a fun week to go without it. The biggest thing that makes a difference is having fans directly blowing on you:

I spent most of the week avoiding home, eating ice cream, and taking cold showers.

The repair guys made it out on Wednesday, and spent the whole day replacing our A/C and heating element.

By the time I was home from class, the house was starting to cool down, and I stopped sweating for the first time in a week.

In other news, there is a movie called "Last Christmas" being filmed with Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding.

I am excited! I don't know if it can replace my favorite holiday romcom: The Holiday, but I have high hopes.

Sunday, September 9, 2018


I viewed this photo with annoyance. How can someone find pleasure in blowing exhaust fumes at someone else? 

Driving on I-70 in St. Louis usually involves random things in road. See this post for an example. ;)
This video was from my dashcam while driving home during rush hour last week, and shows that roll coalers aren't limited to country roads.

Alex's Visit

Alex came to visit St. Louis for a weekend. We went to the gym and went shooting.

This was my target, I took a picture to remember how I was shooting. Low and left!

Went on the Budweiser tour, then grabbed some more food and drinks at Schlafly.

Visited Forest Park.


Admired the stainless steel tree. I've always seen it at a distance, but we approached it and touched it. It's super cool, with fake little mushrooms on it.

Stopped at the zoo to see the penguins, puffins, and bears.

"Halt. Who goes there?"

Bear feet are almost as cute as baby feet.

We had some margaritas at Chili's, and booed the Cardinals.

Visited the City Museum. Loved these floor tiles.

The view isn't bad either.

We also went to the Cathedral Basilica to gape at the mosaics.

Finally had some barbecue at Salt + Smoke , which I've been wanting to try forever. The food was great, but it's quite a hike from our house.