Sunday, December 16, 2018

Maryland Thanksgiving Part II

Saturday night Alex arrived!

Kelly and I stayed up late catching up with him...  Late is now 11 p.m.

Sunday started with a trip to Costco. It was the Sunday before Thanksgiving, and SO busy! We had to circle the lot to get a parking spot, and then were honked at by a guy who wanted our parking spot. The nerve!

The little munchkins are so cute bundled up.

"Uh... you gonna get me outta here or what?"

Mmmmm pies!
After stocking up, John took the little boys back home. Kelly, Alex, and I headed to Frederick. 

They had some boats on display in the canal, but we were on a mission:

After filling our bellies, we walked around and went to a few shops.

Kelly bought me the cutest snail EVER. I need a picture of him.

Back at home, Bernie was reacquainted with Alex. 

He's not sure yet. 

We opened a package Mom had sent with Alex, and it had an adorable plate!

Then Kelly had to do homework, so Bernie and I went on a walk and played outside while the other boys played downstairs (and Gabe did his homework too!)

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