Saturday, January 12, 2019

Touring D.C.

Sunday night I was hit with a bug that had gone through the whole household right before Alex and I arrived.

On Monday, Alex worked in the morning and then I felt well enough for us to trek to D.C. for the afternoon. Alex drove to the nearest metro station (Shady Grove on the red line) and we rode it all the way into D.C. proper. Doing this still took a long time (1.5 - 2 hours each trip) but saved Alex from some of the D.C. traffic.

We emerged at the Metro Center and walked towards the White House.

Then we kept walking and headed to the World War II memorial.

Then the Lincoln Memorial.

We went right after exiting the Lincoln Memorial, and saw the Korean War Memorial.

The first museum we went into was the Holocaust Memorial Museum. 

The main foyer looks like a train station. You are given a passport identity of a person who lived through the Holocaust, and take an elevator to the beginning of the walk-through memorial museum.

It was, unfortunately, very crowded and we didn't spend as much time as we would've liked due to many exhibits being blocked/full.

From there we walked over to the Natural History Museum to check out some priceless jewels:

As all as lots of awesome rocks.

Calcite mushrooms!

Obsidian/Dragon stone!

They have some cool lava displays. This one was "pillow lava."

At the museum they had a limited display called "Outbreak" about health crises/epidemics and how they spread.

The evil chicken is a prime infectious vector! We made sure to let Kelly know.

Oh no! Aedes Aegypti! Alex, get down!!

He was a good sport. :)

Steve and I had been talking about hummingbirds and how small their eggs must be before I left, so it was cool to see. They're 1.5 cm at their largest.

There is a laboratory where you can watch an archaeologist as he sorts through rock for fossils.

Hitching the metro back to Shady Grove.

Back at Kelly's house, Alex was attacked!

Then the giant bear was attacked!

Next it was bath time...

Followed by a little extra time up with Uncle Alex before bed.

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