Monday, November 26, 2018

Maryland Thanksgiving Part I

I had a flight scheduled to take me to Maryland on Thursday, but it was cancelled due to snow and ice in both St. Louis and Baltimore. They were able to reschedule me to head out on Friday instead, and it worked out that Kelly could fairly easily pick me up from the airport then.

She took me to get my nails done, visit and brush the beautiful Ursula, and then pick up the boys from daycare. NONE of which I took a picture of, except I have one of Ursula. 

Jack was immediately excited to see me, but Bernie was not impressed. I picked him up to carry him to the car, and he was SO upset! I knew we would be quick friends so I didn't take it to heart. John picked up pizza for us and it was a great night seeing everyone and getting reacquainted with the little boys. On to Saturday morning!

Went out to see the chickens:

Then Jack showed me all his toys in the basement. 

Bernie joined us, and showed us his best frog pose.

That face.... <3 p="">

They play very sweetly together most of the time.

We went upstairs and toured those toys. 

Gabe joined us for a little bit.

Squearnchi and Maya are so cute and sweet.

John and I zipped to the store with the two little boys to pick up some food and Grapefruit seltzer water.

My laptop is moving at a snail's pace, so I'm going to end here and pick up with Alex arriving in Maryland!

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