Sunday, March 6, 2016

Last Day in Alaska

We had our graduation ceremony in the morning and were released for the day at lunch. My flight wasn't leaving until 9 p.m. so I explored Anchorage some more.

Fire Island Bakery was on the list for lunch. They had a long line, and people making delicious breads and pastries right behind the counter.

I settled on a sandwich and a chocolate chip cookie. The cookie was the best chocolate chip cookie I have ever had! It was very tall. Crisp on the outside, dense and creamy on the inside.

I drove to the Anchorage Zoo, but it was sleeting so I decided to look for an indoor destination. My parents suggested a rock shop, so I looked one up. Nature's Jewels.

Crates and crates of beautiful rocks, fossils, and minerals.

Afterwards, I headed to Glacier Brew House for one more night of Alaskan brew and seafood.

Flight of beers.

Smoked salmon dip.

Herb-crusted halibut.

Their "World Famous" Bread Pudding was the only slight disappointment. The sugar had carmelized, making it a bit hard.

There are a lot of fur shops in Anchorage, and I enjoyed window shopping as I walked around afterwards...

Which would you choose? 

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