Sunday, March 6, 2016

Alaskan Sunday

I thought about staying on base and studying on Sunday. I felt like I wasn't picking up and retaining things as well as my classmates. I really wanted to do well in the class, but... ALASKA!!!

The mountains won.

Sunday morning I hit the fitness center for some weights before heading out to hike. 

Can't get over the view from base.

Ravens are huge.

And a bit unnerving.

I'm watching you...

Headed out for a hike just North of Anchorage, close to Wasilla. 

Then I drove to Palmer. I stopped a couple times along the way for pictures.

In Palmer I visited some shops with the kind of fare you'd expect:

Visitors Center was closed on Sunday, but the statue of Balto outside was really cute. 

Palmer sits in a valley surrounded by mountains.

I stopped for lunch at a little place The Colony Inn and Cafe.

Mountains out the windows.

I started with clam chowder and sweet tea. It was perfect.

Next I had their crab melt and corn fritters. It was ok... I found myself regretting not going for their steamed bucket of fresh seafood. Live and learn... when in Alaska, stick with the fresh seafood!

I scooted aronud a little more before heading back to study.

Stopped for coffee at Kaladi Brothers coffee, an Anchorage-centered coffee chain. It was great! I hope they move to the lower 48 soon.

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