Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Moving on

I feel like I should post about some cool things that have happened, but might come back to them at a later time instead. Uploading and going through pictures takes so much work...

I'm not lazy or anything.

I'm going to start posting random stuff to get back into the swing of posting again.

Is Butter a Health Food? - This article makes me feel good about all the bread and butter I've been consuming the past couple of weeks.

Steve and I caught up on this season of Project Runway All-Stars. After plowing through all the episodes, we fancy ourselves Fashion Experts. Then get it wrong, every time. 

Revy and I ran our first 5k of the year for the APA of St. Louis. They setup personalized results pages that show you finishing the race, which was cool, as I did not take any pictures of my own.

I thought signing up for a 5k the weekend before my Fit Test would motivate me to workout and run... however, my exercise routine has consisted mostly of raising a spoon to my mouth.

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