Thursday, December 10, 2015

World Bird Sanctuary

When driving from Knob Noster to St. Louis on December 4th, I drove past something on the side of the highway with pointed little ears.

A little bit cuter...


The poor little gal was fast asleep next to busy I-70. I approached her and talked a lot. "Hey there little bird... are you ok? Are you alive?"

I threw a towel at her in my first ill-thought-out maneuver to catch her, and her eyes popped open. She was a little disoriented.

I ended up putting a laundry basket over her, scootching it over a sheet, gently inverting it, then carrying her to the car.

She was quiet for the drive to the St. Louis World Bird Sanctuary. I called her Henrietta, and let her know when big turns were coming up.

When we arrived, we headed straight to the hospital.

The caretakers were so nice, and invited me back to see her get examined. They also asked me to fill out a small info sheet on where she was found and in what condition.

They said she has a fractured ulna, and wasn't looking very well overall. They gave her a steroid shot and whisked her away for some peace and quiet. They gave me her patient number and invited me to call back to check up on her.

After thanking them, I looked around the Sanctuary for a little while.

They have many areas for the birds to weather. In the wild, they perch 95% of the time, and weathering simulates that behavior.

Some were prettier than others.

And some were just adorable.

They had so many birds, and so many different types. It was really cool, and I didn't even go to the main exhibit.

They also had some parrots and random critters in the gift shop. A rabbit. An armadillo. This little fella'

Named Kahn. I think it was Nagini, though.

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