Monday, December 28, 2015


Our work had a Holiday party before everyone left. One co-workers loves to bake in her free-time, and is insanely talented at decorating:

I was off of work for a whole week for Christmas vacation!

Before driving up to Ohio to see Steve's family, we made some cookies to take with us and send to Dubuque.

We also wrapped up some small gifts to send. Steve drew Rich and I drew Sandra for the Iowa sibling gift exchange, and it made me laugh how differently we wrapped our gifts:

The drive to Ohio took about 10 hours. Steve's dad did a fantastic job with the lights:

Gunne greeted us warmly,

And Revy made himself at home by eating Gunne's food.

Gunne wasn't quite sure what to make of the big thing invading his home, especially the tail of doom.

We ordered subs and salads from a local place for dinner, and spent the evening catching up and admiring the decorations.

The main tree:

Another tree! I loved the lights on this one.

It was a perfect low-key way to start the visit.

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