Saturday, November 3, 2018

October Weekends cont'd.

When we got to Rich and Sandra's house, this is what greeted us:    


Leo got his own little cake!

The decorations were great, with lots of little details I didn't think to take pictures of!

Hans was all too happy to show Leo how to blow out the candle.

Unfortunately Leo rubbed his eyes soon after digging into his cake, and he was pretty done with it after that.

With the little dude washed, on to presents!

The Jack in the Box from Pete didn't seem to faze Leo, took too long for Hans to stay focused on it, but it startled Jordyn every time it went off! From across the room it would go off and Jordyn would jump!

These two aren't best buds yet, but I can't wait for the day!

Those cheeks!

We met up for breakfast the next morning. I got a good picture of Hans' up-to-no-good face. 

Eva was very awake and active throughout breakfast.

Jordyn is such fun, and such a great sister.

Hans loves bacon! It was all he ate for breakfast.

While Hans stuck to bacon, Leo sampled a little bit of everything! 

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