Saturday, November 3, 2018

October Weekends

We had some visitors to St. Louis! Rich, Sandra, and Leo stayed for just a night. We had some BBQ for dinner, ate at a new restaurant near us for breakfast, and then they were off!

Steve played with Leo a little bit... I thought my pictures were blurry because they were constantly moving, but I think I need to play with the settings because most of my pictures turned out blurry. :(

Leo liked this light-up, and moving cat toy. I thought about getting him one for his birthday. ;)

One more blurry pic!

Last weekend I visited Dubuque! Saturday morning Pat, Leah, and their crew picked me up to go to the pumpkin patch.

Jordyn showed me her cool sticker book from Oma.

We stopped at McDonald's so Eva could eat, and Jordyn and Hans could start their running around for the day.

Hans only made one other boy cry while we were there!

Next stop, pumpkin patch!

Hans bee-lined for the pool o' corn.

Jordyn joined me for some bean bag toss games before she jumped in the corn tub too!

Eva was just happy to be there!

We rode a tractor out to pick pumpkins. They were fairly picked over, but we were able to find some good ones.

Hans with the stash:

Cleaning off the pumpkins.

It quickly became apparent that the kids weren't very good at getting things clean, so we left Pat to deal with the pumpkins and headed into the corn maze. 

Next stop, Leo's birthday party!

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