Sunday, May 27, 2018

Easter Visit to Dubuque

I visited Dubuque in March while on break from school.

Oma made Hans fresh-squeezed OJ.

Hans wasted no time initiating me into his world. This is his special chair where he reads books.

Unless you help him move it, to play with toys.

Leo came over!

He's the best baby at tummy time I've ever seen.

Can't get enough chubby baby feet!

Leo and Hans are close to the same weight.

This picture cracks me up because Rich was trying to imitate Leo's face, but ended up mimicking the woman in the background.

Leo selfie!

At Pat and Leah's for burgers.

House of China for lunch.

Blue steel.

Soooo cute!

Rich had Leo roaring with laughter. :)

Took Leo to see his daddy's childhood home.

The next pictures are from Easter day.

This is a photo by Hans. :)

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