Friday, August 26, 2016

Maryland, Day 3

One of Jack's favorite things is to go for walks. He's perfectly quiet the whole time. Sometimes I would check on him and he'd be wide awake, just soaking in the great outdoors. At other times, he'd be like this:

For lunch we headed to Potbelly Subs. Jack loved sitting next to his brother. During this car ride Gabe was flexing at Jack, and he thought that was just hilarious.

Jack was ready for lunch!


We stopped at Barnes and Noble to check out some books, and Jack discovered the toy trains.

Gabriel was very skeptical of a Batman book. "The Scarecrow doesn't look like that!"

Dad joined in on the fun.

Jack enjoyed afternoon tea.

Followed by an early birthday celebration! As Kelly predicted, Maya enjoyed her cupcake. :)

Mommy cleaned him off and then they danced around the kitchen.

That night we went to the new Star Trek movie. Gabe is so fun to attend movies with. He has such an infectious laugh!

Gabe and I read a chapter of the book he's reading. Michelle got him into the Alcatraz series by Brandon Sanderson. I was really impressed with his reading skills!

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