Monday, August 22, 2016

Baby Hans

So, this week I will be posting! I have so many pictures that I'd like to post that I'm going to try to run down things pretty quickly to get somewhat caught up.

First up... the baby announced at Thanksgiving last year arrived on July 16th!

Happy birthday, little man!

Steve and I drove up to Iowa for a quick couple of days.

We met Hans and he slept through the entire meeting!

Steve obligingly took about 10 photos of me holding the little guy.

I asked him to take close-ups of the baby feet, and he could not understand why/what I wanted! But look at those adorable tiny things.

Rich and Sandra brought casseroles for the new parents. Jordyn was very excited for them...

Jordyn showing Rich and Sandra how to do filters on Snapchat. 

Cosy is always a welcome addition to the table.

Hans spent the whole evening just passing around from person to person, sleeping.

And peeing on his Aunt Lily.

We met Tilly! She was very pretty and very energetic. I wish we would've brought Revy just to see those two play.

We met a new animal addition.

And spent more time with baby Hans. 

Steve was not about to hold something so tiny. This is as close as he would get:

Elsa and little Hans.

Playing an instantly regrettable game of Monopoly. We all agreed that Monopoly is a game that you don't play for years, think "hey, we should play that!" and then realize why you never play it.

We also played some Munchkin:

which was a lot more fun!

Unfortunately, I was not a very good picture taker and didn't get nearly as many pictures as I would've liked! Watch out Dubuquers... next time I'll be prepared!

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