Friday, March 4, 2016

Hatcher Pass

The path up the mountain was windy and surrounded by rocks and a frozen stream.

The first summit I stopped at had a beautiful view back towards Anchorage.

I sank into the snow too much to hike far at the second summit, but felt like I was King of the World.

The next summit, took my breath away!

I was transfixed. Every minor change in lighting illuminated the mountains differently.

Eventually I continued up the mountain, but I kept looking back to that perfect spot.

At the top, people were skiing and sledding. There was a small restaurant.

Those little dots are people!

It started snowing lightly, as you can probably tell from the last couple of shots. It added to the beauty, but made me fear how my car would handling getting back down the mountain. So, I headed for safer roads.

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