Monday, December 7, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

Steve, Revy, and I drove to Iowa to participate in Thanksgiving festivities.

We drove up on Wednesday, greeted everyone, and ate my favorite: Chicken A La Queen.

Thursday morning was rainy and cold; pretty bleak outlook for the Turkey Trot. However, we still had a great group.

John, Revy, and I finished and got some ACTION SHOTS!

We were all pretty miserable by the end, thanks to the rain.

After the run, we all went home to get cleaned up. Kelly was already helping my mom with Thanksgiving prep.

I assisted with baby snuggles.

Usually do an early Thanksgiving dinner, but moved it up to lunch because Alex had to get to work by 4 for Black Friday Madness at Best Buy and Pat, Leah, and Jordyn were headed to a second Thanksgiving with Leah's family.

I made some cookies and pies while in St. Louis that we packed up and brought with us. Sharing is caring... and sharing is portion control.

Leah was an excellent sous-chef to my mom.

Steve and Alex were good at eating the appetizers.

Jodryn and Gabriel set beautiful places for everyone.

When everything was ready, we sat at the table and said the things we were thankful for before serving up the goods. When it was Pat's turn, he, Jordyn, and Leah said they were thankful... to be expecting a baby!


That made it easy for everyone else to say what they were thankful for... the new baby!

Gabriel was thankful for many things, including his little brother and videogames!

Dinner was amazing, and we all loaded up. There was SO much food! Turkey, gravy, brussel sprouts, 2 different kinds of stuffing, green bean casserole, rolls, and cornbread.

Oh, and Steve's favorite:

Apple, pumpkin, pecan, and oatmeal pies. Also, cherry crumb cake (naturally.)

A few hours afterward, my dad, Rich, Kelly, John, Steve, and I headed to Spectre the new James Bond movie. We all enjoyed it. Except for that Sam Smith song at the beginning. Blech.


This year I'm especially thankful for my husband. It's been a hard year, and he's been amazing. I'm excited for the changes we've been scheming together. :)

I'm thankful for my family. My wonderful parents are incredible role models in their love, charity, and selflessness. My brothers and sisters and their families. I love them all so much, and it is my favorite thing to get them all together. I'm so lucky to adore my in-laws and to feel completely welcomed by them.

I'm thankful for my extended family, and that I was able to see so many of them in September.

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