Thursday, November 12, 2015

Tiny things

While in Kansas City, I also visited the National Museum of Toys and Miniatures. I was expecting something dark and creepy, ala The House on the Rock. Instead it was bright and modern, with thousands of tiny things to admire.

Hand-blown glass vases.

This teacup and saucer gives an idea of the scale.

The little red jewelry box on the 2nd ledge...

In close-up.

I have always loved doll-houses and miniatures. I think because of the movie Honey, I Shrunk The Kids. Who doesn't dream of a house-sized oatmeal cream pie?

They have microscopes set up so you can look at teeny-tiny things.

This one is a cowgirl carved onto a toothpick.

They have displays showing the process of creating the pieces.

Second shelf from the bottom...

Has a bitty Bibi.

 They even have tiny toys for the dolls.

The toy section had this huge Steiff bear:

80's toys:

90's toys:

Some of them brought back memories. Pound puppies... I felt like "I gotta adopt them ALL!"

Ok, maybe it was a little creepy.

After the Toy and Miniature museum, I met a couple of friends for lunch at Manny's.

Afterwards, we went to the River Market. Or City Market. Make up your mind, Kansas City. It's a large farmer's market surrounded by shops. There was a lovely Italian butcher/bakery.

Olives by the barrel.

Or Octopus...

I left with a bunch of goodies.

There was an Arabic food and spice shop that smelled divine.

Edmund's fav.

My take-away. Why is the only place I can find chestnuts a Middle-Eastern store?

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