Monday, May 28, 2018

Maryland Visit

Kelly and John flew me to Maryland so I could visit them and the boys! Unfortunately Bernie was sick when I arrived, but seemed to have gotten over the worst of it. He liked being distracted with walks.

And who can blame him with the beautiful spring scenery.

Kelly and John's picturesque home.

I feel like I got to know Bernie so well on this visit, and can recognize his faces. This is his mischievous face before he does something he knows he shouldn't. 

Gabe was as cute and sweet as always. 

Barney is the cutest dachshund ever.

Bathtime is serious business for Bernie. He must get in at least one hundred splashes.

Poor little guy was so tired he passed out on the floor at one point.

And again later in the stroller.

The chicks were super cute.

The coop for the big hens.

There are so many different kinds of birds all around.

When I stand on the hill overlooking their backyard I feel like singing...

Jack was a ton of fun. His favorite things right now are playing trains, cars, and chase. He also loves to hold and pet the baby chicks. Help his dad take the dogs outside and takes baths. His favorite foods are fruit snacks, strawberries, and blueberries.

He also loves "playing" Super Mario World and "snugging" with his mom, dad, and brothers.

There's a Jack under there.

John, Gabe, and I went to a few comic book stores to look for Sonic the Hedgehog comics. Gabe is majorly into all things Sonic right now.

Jack and daddy playing "Yoshi!" (Super Mario World)

Chubby baby legs!!!

More walks around the neighborhood.

On Sunday some of Kelly and John's friends and their kids came over and worked on the chicken coop. John BBQed and it was a madhouse most of the day.

Visiting the neighbors.

And feeding the chickens some mealworm treats.

There's the mischievous face...

that face again!

Tongue out means serious work is going on.

I'm not the best at feeding others...

New outfit!

Third outfit!

Fourth outfit!

Barney in the food zone (and cute baby feet again!)

Jack was pretending to be Owlette from the T.V. show P.J. Masks

Poor John exhausted and beset upon after work.

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