Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Day 2015

Revy was the first one to get a Christmas present. Steve got him a big candy-cane shaped bone, and it was exacly what was on his list.

Gunne was also a good pup this year.

The lovely Christmas tree in the morning light.

The table set for brunch later in the day.

Breakfast was coffee, nut rolls, and apple strudel.

Steve and I went to see Star Wars.

Overall we were both pretty disappointed. The story was episode IV all over again. How did the First Order gain so much strength so quickly? How were they able to build a planet-destroying Starkiller base in secret? I would have loved to see how the First Order formed after The Empire was defeated instead of Luke's story retold with a girl at the helm. I hated Finn. I hated Maz. I loved BB8 and liked Poe and Rey, even though I felt like she was essentially Anakin all over again (strong force-user/genius with technology growing up on a desert planet...)

We went back to Dan and Karen's and helped get ready for some feasting by popping the bottle of pink champagne.

The places were set...

And the guests arrive! Andrew and Revy hit it off...

The food is set out...

The crackers contained paper crowns and little games. Don't we look like royalty?

Everyone opened gifts and had a great time.

Brenda gave Dan a turkey hat that claps its legs together.


Merry Christmas!

We drove home the next day. It rained the whole way, and one of our windshield wipers stopped working! It was the passenger side, so it didn't really matter.

The bridge in the distance signals we're home! After a long drive, it's a very welcome sight.

We had a great time in Ohio, but agreed we would fly next time. 

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